5 tips to look younger with your hair: You’ll love it!

5 tips to look younger with your hair: You’ll love it!

We are all looking for that original and fun touch with which to look younger . We take care of our clothes, our makeup and, of course, our hair. Now, there are a number of aspects that we must be very clear about. If we are 50 years old, for example, we should not seek to look like 20.

The key is to find that haircut , that style of clothing and makeup that favors us and that obviously does not add more years than we have.

In fact, experts in personal image tell us that most women make the same mistake : we put on a lot of makeup or choose a hair dye that, in the end, adds age.

It is clear that nobody knows us better than us, so look after your image. Sometimes, a small change works wonders. While, yes, a sometimes takes a little atrevimient or. Here are 5 simple tips to look younger with your hair.

1. Take a risk with short hair to look younger
There always comes an age when long hair may not sit well. Everything will depend, of course, on our type of face.

Now, with the passage of time our face tends to lengthen , the jowl appears in many cases and, in addition, the face is somewhat more voluminous.
The hair long and lank tends to accuse these characteristics. So, nothing better than risk with short hair.
The best options are undoubtedly a “bob” mane or a “garçon” or “pixie” short hair . They are very casual and youthful courts that tend to be very good to everyone.
2. Test the bangs
To look younger we can always risk with bangs. You also know that you can look in many different ways : on the side, upset, smooth, open at the center, blunt …

However, you also have to be careful with him. Sometimes the fringe can make us look a bit more chubby, so everything is to try and discover how it feels.

3. Layered haircut
Layered haircut has always been one of the most chosen options to look younger. It offers movement, freshness and an original air to our hair that is worth trying. Now, when it comes to making the most appropriate cut, let yourself be guided by a good professional, because it requires a certain art.

It is a haircut that never goes out of fashion but also, and above all, it is especially comfortable.

While it is true that the cut in layers is usually done in long, curly or smooth hair , it is also great in medium lengths. It offers us more volume and movement.
However, it can be said that short hair also admits wearing layers. The key is to play with the fringes. If we cut it on its side and give it a “disheveled” air it confers a fun youthful look.
The experts in personal image also recommend us to try the so called “cut with layers style feather”. It has its origin in the 70s, and consists only of a cut where the hair is separated into two parts with the stripe in the center.
Next, a parade is made, from the top to the end. In this way, the ends of our hair “frame” the face. It’s a classic.

4. What hair color should I choose?
We could say almost without error that there comes a time when we all end up being blonde. This color is associated with youth , and that is why many women choose it to look younger.

However, the truth is that we do not always succeed. Platinum blondes are dangerous. In addition, we must attend to the tone of our skin .
It is worth keeping in mind that chocolate brown and golden tones always favor. We should not always fall at the extremes.
Do not hesitate to combine two or three colors to see how they feel.

5. The collected ones always look good
If you have a half mane, always try the collected ones. Now, very structured bows can make us look older than we have.

The best thing to do is to always choose that carefree air where some tufts fall. Where the collected look between the most studied precision and careless touch that gives it so attractive, so original.
To conclude, we must bear in mind that to look younger you have to first know what suits you. Address the shape of your face before choosing a haircut.

Study well which dye is best suited to your skin tone and enjoy your beauty.

Keep in mind that it’s always worth trusting professionals. At your hairdresser they will advise you on everything. Do not get carried away exclusively by the internet tutorials. Sometimes, we trust in how good it is for the model to discover later that, to us, it does not look the same.

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