5 tips to take care of hair

5 tips to take care of hair

Comes the summer and this change will also get opportunities to get out of holiday and show off your body exceptionally. However, it is essential to take care of the hair because at this time we expose more aggressive factors.

The salt water alters the static charge as well as the elastic properties of the hair , reducing its ease of combing and making it brittle and brittle .

As for the sun, ultraviolet rays produce an effect that alters the elastic properties of the hair, which manifests itself in a process similar to that of a mild chemical discoloration, according to innatia.com

For that reason in Salud180.com we give you some tips to take care of your hair of these factors and look great this summer :

1. On the beach . You can place in the hair a gel or oil that takes care of the rays of the sun and the sea, this will prevent the ends from breaking and your hair is fragile. Do not forget to rinse it if you get into the sea or pool.

2. Hydrate it . You can apply some treatment, masks or use rinses that protect it from the different climatic variations. It employs those added with vitamin E .

3. Cut the ends. Before going on vacation, cut off the ends so that the hair is not damaged anymore . Try brushing a few minutes each day and, for brighter hair, rinse with cold water after each wash.

4. Protect it from the sun. Use a blanket, hat or hat that protects you from direct exposure to UV rays . Be careful not to have lacquer or gel residues in your hair when you sunbathe, to avoid further oxidation. You can use some shampoo with sunscreen with pH appropriate to your hair type .

5. A healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, strengthens the hair structure and provides shine to the hair .

There are many cosmetic products to take care of your hair , from keeping it strong to applications that give it more life. Remember that it is important to choose the most appropriate to your own characteristics to enjoy and show off your hair this summer.

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