7 haircuts to look at 30 and look younger

7 haircuts to look at 30 and look younger

Reaching 30 is scary, but when you come to your senses, your whole life transforms into memorable experiences. You have a stable job, money in your savings card, maybe even your own apartment, your car and if you do not have a partner yet, you live your singleness to the fullest. Another thing that monopolizes your time is the fact of looking fantastic; for example, with your outfits or even with a new haircut .

I love knowing that there are sections of hair you have to take 30 years and make you look even younger. The idea of ​​reaching the third floor with the experience you have and seeing you younger, no one seems a bad idea.

1. Capes: As not all women have the same tastes of beauty , it is likely that many like you prefer to stop making such exaggerated productions in their hair. The only thing you are looking for is a versatile style that makes you feel fashionable and with good taste. The layers are a simple style, practical and somewhat youthful, without falling into exaggeration. If you want to color them, look at the hair dyes that are trending all this 2018.

2. Midi cut: Of your 20 you left your memories of college, including the crazy trends to paint your hair in unconventional tones as the wicks in blue in your long hair. It’s time to let go of your hair! Cut it below the shoulders and carry it smooth, with waves, with layers …. Give it a new shape every day because this size is very versatile. If you do, you’ll look fresh and renewed. You will not see yourself as a copy always.

3. Up to the shoulders : Ideal to feel comfortable if you have a round or oval face. Not so long nor so short and best of all is that he does not lose the movement.

4. Wispy layers : They offer a more wavy and straight, thanks to its texture. It was a trend in the 90s, and for a long time the layers have become a kind of “plague” that extended his life to the present because they allow your mane to take natural shape by letting it dry in the air. The waves arise by themselves and each of the strands of your hair takes on an extremely interesting shape.

5 . Bob: It never goes out of style! If you do not want to cut it so much, try a long bob, where the back is shorter so that it forms a diagonal forward, increasing the length.

6. Blunt chop : It is uneven, gives movement and volume to your hair. Ideal if you have little hair. Wear it straight or disheveled, with both styles looks wonderful.

7. Pixie with bangs: It is ideal at this age because you are a busy woman who does not have much time to wash it and also, it is a size that does not require much maintenance. Of course, accept the advice of a professional as to what is the pixie that best suits you according to the style of your face. For example, from this cut we can say that there are different styles, such as tomboy , mohawk , mullet, bowl cut, among others.

And remember … going to the hairdresser is the best antidepressant you can go to. It renews your soul, it puts you in fashion and you feel more beautiful. Dare to make a change of look!

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