9 haircuts that you must take at 20, 30 and 40 years

9 haircuts that you must take at 20, 30 and 40 years

Are you 20, 30 or over 40 years old and do not know what haircut to do? We understand you! To help you in your decision, we will start from when you are twenty years old, the hair is stunning, has body and vitality; at 30, saving time is one of your priorities and that’s why many women like you are betting on a look that implies quick maintenance; while after 40, the hair loses density and it does not have as much volume as you had when you were a young girl. But none of those factors has to prevent you from having fantastic hair.

Therefore, we say what cuts are hair you better go according to your age. For this we go to the help of several experts. Follow his advice!

AT 20

It is the best decade to try different types of cuts. Among the range of options are short, long and even asymmetric. Marco Peña, stylist of TRESemmé, affirms that at twenty any cut is allowed provided you give yourself the opportunity to define which one best suits your style and the shape of your face.

1. In layers: The best time to wear it! Betting on a long hair, with a modern cut, with a layered pattern, blunt strands on the front of the face that help to frame it. Experts do recommend cutting 10 centimeters every 3 months to avoid dehydrated tips.

2. Asymmetrical Pixie : “Youth, divine treasure,” say the grandmothers. Take advantage of being in the prime of life to risk a style like this. You can use it blunt, with long bangs or even with asymmetric sides.

3. Long with bangs: As not all women are so daring, different fringes adapt perfectly to your personality because they are capable of renewing your image. From a fringe curtain, straight and below the eyebrows or even this shaggy .

AT 30 The third floor arrived and you will want to rest from the long hair. 4. Midi: A good option to change the decade with fresh and fresh air is with a midi cut, considered even as a must at your age. Oscar Colombo, ambassador of L’Oreal Professional, said in a publication of El Clarín that it is an option that steals prominence for its versatility and is very persecuted. Do not be so stiff in combing it because the more “careless” it looks, the more favor it makes to your appearance. You look younger!

5. Bob : If you refuse such a radical change, adopt one that is in trend, like the bob . It is chic and gives freshness to your personality. One way to change it a bit, but always look fashionable, is to bet on a more concave one; that is, a little shorter back than in the front.

6. Shag : It was a cut that made revolution from the 70s to the 90s, and has come back to be accentuated as one of the most fantastic options for women of 30. You will be fascinated because it retains the length and has as a bonus that provides fringe .

AT 40

You will get the doubt whether long or short. A matter of taste! Of course, the XXL mane is not the most advisable, but if you keep a considerable length and wear layers, it does not have to look out of place. Media and shorts are also in the fourth decade.

7. Long bob : The medium cuts are a sure bet because you do not run the risk of making mistakes. Hair a few inches below the shoulders is a classic because it is a long hair comb of different shapes.

8. Casual: Provides movement and freshness, and if you accompany it with a few wicks of light, you will triumph.

9. Mullet : When you have to comb it, you have the freedom to leave it freer or apply iron. Ideal for women with a square face because their volume is concentrated in the upper part and in layers. If you want a short hair style , take into account the shape of your face.

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