California wicks in short hair

California wicks in short hair

The mechas Californian have been some time between us and the truth is that they have taken positions in the world of styling and hairdressing; have come to stay, probably while the celebrities continue to wear this look at the tips of their hairstyles, this trend seems to go for long.

The truth is that California wicks have become a classic. It is a trend or style that has been in fashion for a few years and that is an indicator; maybe they look a little less than a couple of years ago in which also the contrast in the changes of tonality was very accentuated, brown hairs with super blond tips, but like all trends these have also evolved looking for more natural effects.

But where is the trend for California wicks born?
As you may already know, California wicks are essentially characterized by a change of color in the hair at the ends, creating an effect of luminosity and lightening imitating the effect of continuous exposure to the sun and the sea. This effect is the one that naturally occurs in the hair of people who are very exposed to the outdoors, as happens on the beaches of California and in the most surfing environments .

In fact, this style was born among Californian surfers, who passed paraffin on their hair to protect it from the sun and salt water. Although, in this way the sea water leaves the hair cuticle more vulnerable and sensitive and consequently the ends of the hair tend to clear up more than the rest of the hair.

Hence the denomination of California wicks that define those that are clearer at the ends of the hair.

The technique of California wicks is done through a discoloration process , about five centimeters of hair length to the tips.

The colors and shades most achieved are those ranging from champagne to chestnut tones and rusty tones passing through blond, depending on whether you want to increase the contrast you must take special care . In the case of California wicks, the technique can dry the hair excessively. Therefore it is necessary to moisturize and pay attention so that it does not lose color regardless of the tone chosen in the application.

The recommended products to maintain the brightness, luminosity and coloration are the following: For blond hair it is convenient to use good products for rinsing and also a sunscreen, and thereby avoid the appearance of greenish tones due to the effect of seawater or seawater. chemical products from swimming pools.

For the dark or red hair you have to choose carefully the sunscreens since they can increase the coloration taking our wicks to lighter tones of the desired thing by effect of the sun exposure.

If you use any type of product to keep your hair straight, it is advisable to use products without ammonia.

Of course the California wicks will bring you a new look without an excessive and radical change in your style, depending on your personality.

The haircut and the wicks Californian: Some tips
If you have decided on the wicks Californian and have thought about doing a haircut in the same session you should think that the first thing is to cut the hair and then apply the color otherwise it can happen that when cutting the hair disappear in the operation part of the tips and with it your newly released, wicks style California .

This should also be taken into account if you are going to perform the wicks and shortly you will make a cut of your hair. Keep in mind that part of the coloring will disappear between the scissors of your stylist.

Long hair or short hair in the California wicks?
It is evident that where the wicks and the color change look better, it is in the long manes below the shoulders and degraded in their volume. But can California wicks be made in short hair?

Of course, in fact members of our team of makeup artists have seen how the stylists of GROW Hairdressers in Alicante have created authentic wonders in very short hair with gradients harmonized perfectly with the face and style of their clients.

BOB Californian Wicks
The key is to achieve a balance between the length of the bleached area and how long or short hair we apply to the California wick. If you have half a mane of hair the Californian fuses should not exceed five centimeters from the ends to the natural color of your hair. Otherwise the degraded effect would be lost and the California wicks in short hair would not fit in the whole of your face.

How about a Long BOB with Californian fuses?
The long bob cut is a long version of the bob; the cut of half mane, at the height of your shoulders, and this we can adapt to several types of length.

The long bob can adapt to any style and favors a lot almost any type of face. You just have to decide how you want to show it: paraded, with bangs, with waves and also combined with some wicks with a few bright tips is luxury.

The long bob is a fantastic cut that will allow you to move your hair at all times and that gives you a plus of naturalness; Do not discard it with a color gradient or a California wicks as you can take it loose or collected without losing a bit of elegance and sensuality.

Will Californian fuses continue in 2017?
Of course, now applied to curly hair. During the summer of 2015 we saw the balayage wicks in their versions ombré, babylights, sunkiss or shatush:

The wicks ombré accuse much more the contrast in the changes of tonality, while in the wicks balayage the contrast between the tips and the rest of the hair it is very natural, imitating the effect of the sun, on the wicks ombré the effect is markedly accentuated.

The babylight wicks were worn throughout 2015 and consist of very fine wicks that are born at the root of the hair on two shades lighter than the base creating very subtle reflections, such as those that appear naturally after a summer of sun and beach .

Thesunkiss wicks appear with the launch of Loreal’s product, Casting Sunkiss Jelly, which is a conditioner that provides rinsing in the hair that also reacts with heat and that you can apply yourself. You can apply it in all the hair in part of it, in the tips or in strategic places, strands, bangs, etc. The clarification is progressive so that the more you apply it, the brighter.

And the last variant of this wave of trends in wicks were the wicks shatush. Probably it is the technique that achieves more natural coloring effects. The best thing about this technique is that if the result is not the expected one because you have applied a tone too light and another too dark you do not have to go back to dye to hide your mistake. In that case, it would be enough to let it lose its color until it regains its original hair tone. It essentially consists of leaving the roots darker, while the tips and longer strands of your hair are illuminated by applying a gradient color of a pair of lighter shades.

That said, what awaits us for 2016 on issues of color and fuses. Well, they are going to continue to shine in all their variants, cuts and colorations. It means that if you were hesitating to make them think they were out of fashion, take it out of your head. You’re still on time , even combining them with a short haircut.

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