How to put a beauty salon – 10 Key Points

How to put a beauty salon - 10 Key Points

How to put a beauty salon – 10 Key Points

If you ask yourself How to put a beauty salon, you have to read these 10 key points so you can start your own business and achieve success.
They are very interesting points so I recommend you be very attentive and take note.
If you doubt that you can be very successful with a business like this, look at La Coqueta Beauty Room . A beauty salon with a FanPage of more than 11,000 followers . They know that the internet is a good means of promotion!
How could this show you more example, but the idea is not to fill this business article. But to teach you to start a successful business.
In this article we will deal with the first key point . We will also take advantage of this to leave a piece of advice to people who have already started their business. Let’s keep going!

Step 1: How is the Market? – How to put a beauty salon
The first thing we have to do is to see how “Beauty” is positioned in the market. Could it be that if we set up a beauty salon we will have clients interested in visiting us?

Do not be scared, you do not have to do a market study like big companies. Not yet! I only invite you to take a look to see if at first glance your business is impossible to bear fruit.
As I always say, it is almost impossible for someone to sell air conditioners at the North Pole. Do not waste time is something obvious We will not sell!

So here what we will do is nothing deep or complicated. Just estimate the% success!

Well Inegi tells us that 8.2% of the expenditure of Mexican households are destined to personal care, that is to say “Beauty”.

In this same way, he shares that the beauty industry grows 10% each year.

The truth is that every day people (much more women) invest a lot of money in their physical appearance, something that entrepreneurs should take advantage of.

For now we could say that this business is profitable. But as everywhere it is not the same. There may be places where this business is not profitable.

That’s why our advice in this first step is:

Study the market in the specific place where you will assemble your beauty salon. It may be very convenient in a locality of your country, but it turns out that where you want to set up your business. No!
You can do a survey in your locality. Take advantage of asking how many times they go to the hairdresser, how many times their nails are made, how much they invest in makeup, etc.

Here the important thing is to know how many people would be possible visitors to your beauty salon and how much they would be willing to spend.

If anyone in that locality is interested in investing in beauty, forget it! It is easier for you to go to another location to set up your beauty salon. Well, it is necessary to have an audience that needs our products and is willing to pay for it.

The statistics regarding beauty at a general level are very good. It is time to study more specific in your locality!

Some questions that can help you answer how to assemble a beauty salon:
How many times a month / year do you go to the hairdresser?
Do you often make nails? How often?
How many times do you put on makeup in a beauty salon?
What would a beauty salon have to have for you to visit?
Do not you like something from beauty salons?
What prevents you from visiting a beauty salon?
Are you interested in some kind of treatment for your hair?
How many times a month / year does a manicure and / or pericure?
As truthful are questions that let us know how often people need our services. In addition, questions 4,5 and 6 are a platform to start assembling our beauty salon. We will consider what to place or what to remove!

So Step 1, take a sheet and paper (or a computer), and go out to the street to meet your audience. Avoid being one of many businesses that close in less than a month for not conducting a good study!

Before Continuing: A Council for those who have already started their business …
There are two types of entrepreneurs. Those who undertake something they like to do, and even work in their business, and those who just like to be in charge and manage.

Both are good, however this step is important for you even if you do not have in mind to dry hair, make up, etc. What do I mean?

To the team that works in your beauty salon must be trained to be “The best” doing what they do.

Maybe you have a team of fully trained professionals. However, do not forget that nobody “knows them all” . That is why it is important that you evaluate your employees and reinforce what you have to reinforce.

If you know a beauty salon that is very successful, go to it and see how good you can get. Maybe they have different techniques and very effective ways of working that neither you nor your employees know . Most of them will be willing to teach you in exchange for a payment!

You can ignore this ..
No problem if you do not want to invest in this. But he mentioned it because he remembers that we want to answer the question: How to put a successful beauty salon? The more we know and invest in better knowledge!

Motivate your Employees …
Motivate your employees and yourself to know new things. They can organize a day and see together the new trends in terms of beauty. A new hairstyle in another country that little is seen in your locality! Innovations in nail decoration! New hair treatments! …

This will not only teach them something new, but they will be able to do something new and different from the competition . Something very important and valuable to survive in the market!

What’s next …?
Up to here our first part of how to put a beauty salon came. The subject is very interesting and somewhat extensive to approach it only in an article.

In addition, a beauty salon has many areas (makeup, hairdressing, nails, etc.). So it is important to study each one separately, so you can start your beauty salon with one of them and then as you grow you can add more.

In the continuation we will learn many things, among them the following points or steps (for each area):

2-A necessary tool to set up our business
3-How can it not be a common beauty salon?
4-You have to get the perfect customer Who is it? How to get to him?
5-More than a customer A friend! A brother! A son!…
6-Obtaining income from various sources See beyond the obvious!
7-I need resources out of the ordinary.
8-What will I do when the time comes to get down to work?
9-Who is my partner?
10-Preparing to survive economically.

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