Long hair: pointed vs. straight

Long hair: pointed vs. straight

Do you have long hair and do not know how to wear it? Do you prefer a long layered and pointed or a full and straight cut? We help you decide.

Layered and pointed:
The style: Layered cut is a style that never goes out of style , allows so many variations of style when cutting, which can be adapted to all types of face and hair. It is an excellent option for those who wear curly hair or natural waves because the layers remove weight to the hair, and enhance the formation of waves. It is also ideal for women with thick, heavy hair. The tip termination also provides a more natural hair image and softens the features.

How to get it: Creating layers is a technique that requires the hand of a professional, so leave this task to the experts! Talk to your stylist L’OrĂ©al Professionnel about your type of hair (texture, length and thickness), and thus determine the type of cut to layers you need.

Editorial opinion: Are you also thinking about adding a little light to the hair with some reflections? Ask your stylist about layered reflections techniques that help improve highlights. If they exist.

Straight and straight
The style: Straight and straight is a simple and effortless look, perfect for straight hair and in full trend. The straight and uniform finish helps to get that extra volume , also adds texture to the hair .

How to get it: Although this cut seems simpler, it certainly requires a professional technique (like all cuts). We look for a perfectly horizontal termination and we want to avoid any type of irregularities in the formation of that straight line. As this style is straight and straight, you will need to use iron from time to time (for those with wavy hair) and frequent visits to the salon to keep the tips always healthy.

Editorial opinion: If you need to use heat tools, remember that it is essential to always keep the hair hydrated and protected from heat. Use moisturizing masks , especially at the tips, at least once a week. In this way you will wear a hair always healthy and bright, essential to wear this style.

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