Long hair with split ends? Learn 7 tricks to solve your problem without cutting your hair

Long hair with split ends? Learn 7 tricks to solve your problem without cutting your hair

Having split ends is a nightmare! And sometimes it seems that you’re never going to wake up from it, no matter how hard you try (I know, it’s sad). Try everything: put on avocado masks, use chemical treatments and even soak them in chamomile tea, but nothing works.

Then, you end up giving up and go with the first person who can make a haircut to eliminate all the split ends. The feeling of relief is great. Again, you take care of your hair every day, but the routine-washing it, smoothing it, dying it-ends up damaging the cuticle of each strand and the nightmare returns.

Yes, it is a difficult cycle, but the good news is that there are some tricks to avoid the split ends that will help you solve your problem, so you do not need to cut your hair (unless you really want to change your style and Brand new look). Check!

# 1 Oil before washing
Rubbing your hair when washing it can damage it. Why? When your hair gets wet, it absorbs water and swells, and is more vulnerable to breaking or splitting. To avoid it apply some oil (natural as sesame or almonds, or an oil that has essence and vitamins) before bathing, that will help to form a protective layer and prevent deterioration in washing.

# 2 Extra protection in the pool
Putting on your cap while swimming is an excellent way to take care of your hair from the damage that chlorine in the water can cause. To protect it more, apply a little coconut or olive oil before entering the pool. If you want something specialized, use a micro-shielding treatment, this is excellent to protect the hair against breakage by mechanical damage.

# 3 Lava 2 times
Help your hair to be healthy from the root by washing it twice when you bathe. Why? On the first occasion the shampoo will help to remove dirt, excess oil and dead cells from your hair, while the second one – in this massage your scalp for a few minutes – will serve to nourish the skin and improve blood circulation. Then, apply, mainly on the tips, a little conditioner and finally rinse.

# 4 Leave the conditioner for 3 minutes (minimum)
The conditioner is one of your best allies against the split ends, as it protects it from the normal wear and tear that occurs in the daily routine, but you have to apply it in the right way. Place in your hands a small amount of product (no larger than the size of a pea), rub it between your palms and put it in your hair concentrating on the ends. Let it work for 3 minutes and then rinse it well.

# 5 Choose the right brush
Hard plastic brushes tend to break and mist out the strands. It is best to comb your hair with a padded brush and flexible bristles. Do it like this (this is the correct way not to break your hair): untangle it first from half to ends – without pulling it too much – and then – when you no longer have knots – from the root to the end carefully.

# 6 Use the dryer correctly
To prevent the ends of your hair from opening due to the heat of the dryer, it is best to use it in “warm” or even cold temperature, and to concentrate the air in the roots and media, instead of the tips (these they dry faster so you can avoid investing too much effort in them). If you use other heat tools, try applying this same recommendation.

# 7 Weekly extra hydration
As you do with your face, apply a mask to your hair at least once every two weeks. This will help you block the moisture you need, restore split ends and prevent new ones. There are some ampoules that cauterizan the hair and are very easy to place, also make your hair shine to the fullest.

Follow these simple tips and in a short time you will see how the split ends disappear. You will have the spectacular hair you have always wanted and the length you like the most. Goodbye scissors!

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