Open ends: learn to avoid them

Open ends: learn to avoid them

Unless you have short hair, you will most likely face the problem of dry ends that open and curl very often. We explain some tricks to get rid of them.

Dry hair, too aggressive shampoos, dryer temperature too high, stress due to chemical treatments … there are several factors responsible for the appearance of split ends.

Remedy anti-split ends
Thanks to the ingredients that contain the shampoos, conditioners and masks for punished hair, we can control the split ends, at least until the next wash. But if your only hair problem is the split ends, use our beauty trick: mix some shampoo in a container for damaged or damaged hair with a little water, and apply this solution only at the ends. Massage them lightly until foam and rinse them with water.
Repair split ends
Repair treatments of split ends contain oils that seal the tips with a protective film. The result? The hair looks much healthier and less frizzy. These treatments should be used every three washes, since the silicone they contain resists several washes and an excess of silicone could cause the hair to clump. One or two drops of product are more than enough to massage the tips.

Wind, cold, UV rays and heat damage hair. The tips are more vulnerable because they are the part of hair with more years, and therefore the one that has suffered stressors for much longer. Too many processes and inclement weather often cause the tips to be damaged and to be fragile and dry. Tip repairers quickly restore their health.

The correct application of tip liquids
Applying these repairers is quick and easy. You simply have to massage the liquid at the wet or dry ends twice a week. Do not rinse the liquid after application! A quantity of liquid the size of a hazelnut per application is usually enough. Even a single application will produce incredible results.

What type of hair can benefit from tip repairers?
Tip repairers are beneficial for all types of hair. The tips of the long manes are especially vulnerable, so they need to regularly apply a liquid for tips. Especially dry and brittle hair. Every once in a while, even normal hair needs a conditioner. Hair conditioning products and tips are therefore available for normal hair and for more damaged or punished hair.

It does not matter if your hair is smooth or curly, the repairers for tips are designed to bring health and shine. Even so, even with the best care you have to cut the ends from time to time.

How do repairers work for tips?
The tip repairers repair the open ends sealing the holes in them. The special ingredients of the liquid penetrate the keratin layer of the hair, where they fill the fissures, repair and condition the hair. Some active ingredients are oils and substances that act as structural units of the hair. Thanks to this repairing work and to the nutritious oils, the liquids for tips also have an anti-frizz effect. Surely you will appreciate this extra effect if your hair is brittle, dry or damaged.

Dim the split ends with a regular visit to the hairdresser
Good news: Thanks to the new hair care products, we are less and less the women who suffer from split ends. Is not that your case? So, a regular visit to your hairdresser can solve this problem in the long term. Hair experts use a technique to camouflage the tips under the tufts on the top of the head without cutting the ends more than one centimeter. A light cut every 8 or 10 weeks will not prevent your hair from growing as it grows 1.5 cm. a month. With a regular interval maintenance cut, your hair will glow and look very healthy.
Open anti-split weapons
If the split ends become a chronic problem, invest in quality products. Forget about the plastic combs and the brushes with the metal bristles, and opt for natural barbed brushes and wooden combs, they are much more effective. Also avoid the combs and brushes to cardar the hair.

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