So that the hair grows, is it better to cut it a little each month or not to cut it?

So that the hair grows, is it better to cut it a little each month or not to cut it?

Cut or not cut? That is the question
Well, it seems that cutting is the best option and this is what the stylist Maria Baras, director of the Cheska show, explains to us . “The ideal thing is to cut it little and often, like two centimeters every two months . That would be perfect. ”

It may seem a lot, especially for you, that you love every millimeter of your hair, but it has a more than reasonable explanation. “The fact of cutting it more often does not make the hair grow faster but it does not worsen its condition , the tips do not open more. Because if you spend, for example, seven months without cutting your hair, in the end you have to cut much more than just the tip . “Does it sound? It is what ends up happening to us all for not cutting in time.

What you can do
Although there is no magic formula for hair to grow faster, as Maria tells us, we can do a series of things to strengthen hair . The first thing is to be very clear that the stronger our hair is, the less it will break: the main problem that makes us feel that our hair never grows.

To have a strong hair you have to cut it, but it is also very important to apply a nutritious and moisturizing treatment at home . “I like to recommend applying the oil in the wet, daring, to put your favorite treatment oils with the hair still wet , because this makes it stronger, especially now in winter.” With regard to damp hair, Maria also recommends “be very careful when you have wet: do not pick it up and do not unravel it sharply to prevent splitting.” The key is to prevent the hair from breaking, because if not, “we never get to see it long enough”.

It is not gold everything that shines (or pelazo all the manes XL)
But beware, because once you get the XL hair you dreamed about, the thing is going to get tough. Hair so long (below the chest, reaching the ribs) faces a complicated problem: dehydration . “The biggest problem with the XL manes is that the tip opens: it is not hydrated because you do not cut it often, ” explains MarĂ­a. “The important thing is to super hydrate it. Take care of it at home, yes, but also do some more professional treatment in the classroom. It’s the best way to strengthen your hair, especially if you have fine hair. ”

And is that if you have fine hair, perhaps you should rethink your goal and not let it grow below the chest. “Having a healthy XL hair is a matter of having a good routine of daily care, but you should also have a medium or thick type of hair, because fine hair never becomes sufficiently beautiful and dense to be able to leave it that long”, we explains Maria. “Almost all the girls who have fine hair and wear it extra long, they get it with the help of extensions.”

Extensions, why not?
Have you also been speechless with these statements of Mary? But she insists that we should not set such a high standard. ” International instagramers , bloggers , models … All those manes XL (long past the chest) have extensions help. In the end, long hair is a matter of patience. Patience and take care of it very much. And do not have complexes and see that for events or something more special we can always resort to the help of strips of extensions , which are within reach of anyone. “

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