The famous manicurist gives us 5 tips for perfect hands

The famous manicurist gives us 5 tips for perfect hands

The famous manicurist gives us 5 tips for perfect hands

From the unsightly stains to cuticles that are embarrassing, fixing your nails yourself can give rise to innumerable mistakes (and horrors!) That make you end up hiding your hands so that no one will find out what you did to you.

To help us with this delicate work, we look for the manicurist of the stars, Carla Kay, who has worked with several of the most popular celebrities in the industry, including Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, Victoria Beckham , Cher and Megan Fox …. And those are just some!

This expert shared with us her 5 tips to achieve the perfect manicure:

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1. Do not cut all your cuticles. Remember, the cuticle is there to protect the nails from getting infections. So when you push them, that’s the skin that’s growing outside the nail bed. “Just cut out the small pieces that are obvious to the eye and that come out of the nail, then take some alcohol and pass it over the edge of the nail so that the natural oils leave and you have a clean base.” Recommend Kay.

2. Try dry manicures. “I believe in dry manicures, I discovered that if you put lotion and oil on your hands before polishing them, it interferes with a process that should be a gentle application and also expands your nail, and makes your nails take longer to dry.

3. Apply your base. “Buy a hardening shine that has keratin as its main ingredient, because it helps seal the enamel and strengthens weak or split nails,” suggests the expert. “This has to be the first layer which is going to penetrate through your nails to make them stronger, it is going to join with the color that you are placing”.

4. Be patient. “Go do something! Let the base dry because you need that the canvas is not wet so that the finish is much more elegant, if you do not wait for your nails to dry completely, you have the risk of the paint becoming wrinkled and they get damaged. “Apply the base, wait for it to dry, then apply the colored enamel, wait two minutes, place a second layer, wait a few more minutes and finally apply the sealing layer. If you want a perfect manicure you can wait 7 minutes. ”

5. Play with stickers for hands. “If you are not good at painting your nails, try alternatives such as colored adhesive strips.Some brands like Sally Hansen sell them in specialized stores and pharmacies, they are very good and they are quite flexible if you want to cover the entire nail, including the sides. I’m not a fan of decorating all the fingers of the hand, it’s shocking and it’s too much “adds the manicurist. “I’m a fan of nail art on a single nail – if you want to decorate them in any case, choose a finger, preferably the ring finger.

And finally, if you’re looking for inspiration in terms of fashion colors this season, Kay tells us that dark shades and bright colors are coming. “The metallic ones are back, we will see many dark colors with shine, recently I made Eva Longoria’s hands , and we made a spectacular mixture of blue and metallic purples”. The expert closed.

And there you have it! The best tips to have the ideal manicure.

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