This season bet for a hair of straight tips

This season bet for a hair of straight tips

It’s time to move to the straight ends. Not only will you wear the latest trend, but your hair will always be healthy.

Hair that attracts attention
Instead of wearing the tips “on tip” , (which often end up opening or frizz), cutting them straight is the best way to keep hair healthy , in addition to giving a more current look, as the trend now same are the straight cuts .

This type of hair ending is often associated with neat and super smooth hairstyles . And in general straight hair looks better compared to a long and unstructured hair. We love them, for example, combined with honey-colored balayage wicks , applied gradually throughout the hair.

How to carry waves with straight tips
The key to this look is to maintain the volume and natural movement of the hair so that the straight hair does not look too hard. The hair will look beautiful waves because thanks to the regular cut of tips, it will be healthy and therefore very bright and textured.

For more defined waves , or if you have naturally straight hair, try applying it on damp hair and then dry it with a hairdryer. Use a hair curler on the tips, to give them more movement.

Tip: leave the curler only a few seconds on each strand to create natural-looking waves. Finally, run your fingers through the hair to undo the waves, and finish using the fixative spray. Your waves, combined with straight tips, will be full of texture and volume.

Do not forget to visit your stylist frequently to keep your tips always straight and healthy!

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