Tips for Choosing a Haircut

Tips for Choosing a Haircut

One of the most attractive parts of our body is our hair, it helps us to frame our face and thereby make it stand out; It also allows us to express our own style by combing and cutting it in different ways. Choose the cut that best suits you with these tips, and click on the blue link if you want to know more about each one.

Shape of your Face

You should consider the shape of your face when you choose your haircut because, with the right cut, you can emphasize your best features and disguise the ones you do not like.

If your face is oval , you will have almost any cut and you should consider other aspects such as the size of your forehead, if it is wide, you can disguise it with a straight fringe or, if your nose is prominent, with one that combs sideways. If your face is very long, opt for a cut that frames it as a degraphic or inward layers that rub your chin.

For round faces are ideal hair cuts that do not frame the face, you can use a straight cut below the shoulders and without bangs, or with a print that starts a little below your chin. The fringe will not favor you unless you comb it sideways or it is not very bulky.

Inverted triangle
Women with this type of face should opt for bulky cuts hair on top and simpler in the lower part of his face. Your cut can be in short layers at the top and progressively increase the length of these; also the thick fringe can favor you if your features are not too hard.

Hair type

Take into account if your hair is unruly, straight, curly or wavy when deciding a haircut, as each cut will look different depending on your hair type.

If your hair is straight, the cuts that will come better are the degrafilados or the straight ones, since a beautiful shape will be marked and your cut will be very visible. You can add volume to your hair by combing it sideways or by combining very marked prints with a layered cut .

This hair is one of the most versatile of all since almost any cut will suit you. Take into account the time you want to dedicate to your daily arrangement, if you like to do hairstyles or not, the length , and the other aspects that we list in this article to choose your cut, since this type of hair is very versatile.

Your haircut will depend on the length you want, how curly your hair is and the care you want to have with it. If your hair is frizzy, a medium hair in a circle or straight will be ideal to not upset him more, and if your hair is curly but your Chinese are wide, then the layers of a long or medium length will add uniformity.

Believe it or not, your height is a factor that you should consider when choosing your haircut.

If you are low, your hair should not reach lower than your shoulders, because a very long mane will make you look even lower and the upper part of your body will make it look longer than the lower one. A medium hair or short hair is ideal.

If you are very tall, very short hair can generate the illusion that your head is a bit small, you can choose a style of medium hair or long hair or, if you love short hair, choose a layered style that adds volume.

Type of Body

If you are very thin, choose more discreet haircuts that do not add too much volume to your head and, preferably, that frame your face or that they are not very straight or long, since these cuts lengthen and thin the figure more. You can choose cuts in layers or with bangs .

Choose cuts that can balance your body with your head, the best will be layered middles, bangs on the side or cuts that do not frame your face too much. Adele uses a vintage style that favors a lot of round faces and plump women.

The younger you are, the options that will look good cover a wider range of options, from very short cuts to the longest, layered, asymmetrical styles with marked fringes can look good; fashionable cuts . If you are already an adult woman, then the shorter cuts will be ideal for you, choose one that suits your tastes and the shape of your face.

Personal tastes
This is one of the most fundamental parts when choosing a haircut. If you feel comfortable with the style you choose, then you will look proud and sure of yourself and that will make you look perfect with the style you choose to use, from asymmetric or striking, to conservative.

When you choose a haircut, take into account the activities you perform daily to always look appropriate and comfortable. If you are an athlete, choose a cut that allows you to exercise comfortably as a very short style or one that allows you to tie your hair. If you work in an office, you are a student, or you are going to a special event in a short time, these are things that you should also take into account, as well as the season and trends.


Do you like to make many hairstyles or prefer to wear your hair loose and carefree? This is a question you should ask when choosing a cut. If you like hairstyles , then a cut of half a mane or long, straight, without layers and will be easier to handle; but if you prefer to wear it loose, choose a cut that gives shape to your hair, with layers, bangs, asymmetric, etc.

Remember to consider these aspects when you choose your haircut to always look cute and be comfortable with your appearance and when doing your activities.

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