The Internet Resources

The Internet Resources

There are many great online resources for finding ways to get your business noticed.  Small businesses especially have a hard time finding ways to get their business noticed online.  Here are some quick tips on things you have to do and try to get their business

1. Get a website.  One of the main ways to get notice on the internet is to have your own website.  This is your calling card on the web and you don’t want when someone searches for you to turn up… nothing.  There is not much of an excuse in 2014 to not have one since there are so many affordable options for web design that are effective and useful.  Don’t be that business that doesn’t come up with a site online.

2. Get Listed. Since there are many ways people kind find you online: your site and your listings.  These are the yellow pages, yelp and any of the dozens of business listings sites that list local businesses by category and address.  So those people looking for a business (plumber, dentist, restaurant, etc) on the web can find your business.  So many are free that it is a shame to not do it.  There are also some great services that will also help you get listed online with these business directories online.

3. Online Marketing.  Many new businesses don’t even know what that means but the basics of internet marketing are but they can range from helping get your website noticed by the search engines, normally called SEO and that means that a service provider will make sure your website has the proper words and structure that Google, Yahoo or Bing would like to see on their search results.  It could also mean any number of additional items like:

  • Online advertising through ads or banners
  • Social media marketing on Facebook or Twitter
  • Using email or any number of other techniques to get visitors to your site or offer

There are many other interesting internet resources can use for getting customers online or just getting noticed.  Don’t be one of those that can’t get found and loses business to those that do know how.

See this video also on getting found online.

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