15 tips for the health of your hair

15 tips for the health of your hair

We rarely consider hair as part of our body and only when it is mistreated we give it due attention.

We present 15 tips that, in addition to making you look spectacular , will keep your hair healthy.

In the mornings
1. Use warm water to wash the hair
2. Impress an extra of natural shine to your hair, let it drop a jet of cold water at the end of the bath
3. ever rubbing with desperation the wet hair between the towel, it will always be better to let it dry out in the open
4. Before using any heat tool to mold your hair , make sure that the hair is completely dry, to the root
5. Buy some spray or protective cream for heat . It will help to prevent dryness or burning of the tips
6. Detangles hair with gentle movements, uses a brush with large and wide bristles
7. Even though they are called equal, hair irons have specialized temperatures, never try to replace this tool with the instrument for clothes
8. Wash combs and brushes regularly. Like any other personal hygiene material, they usually keep dead cells

During the day
1. Take care of excessive sun exposure. Many times this favors opacity
2. If you choose a hairstyle with your hair up , make sure that the garters you use have a cloth covering to avoid clumping
3. If you use extensions , give them the necessary maintenance and go to the specialists on the appropriate dates. I assure you that nobody will want to keep a piece of hair while you flirt
4. Let the hair rest between color and coloration. The adjustments should be done every month with expert advice
5. Apply vitamin ampules every 30 days. You do not need to spend a lot of money, if you prefer a bit of olive oil it will be enough

At night
1. Never sleep with wet hair
2. If you have long hair you can brush and braid it comfortably to avoid uncomfortable tangles in the morning
Missing some ?, what is your trick?

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